Ansible Automation Industry Use-Case

In this Article, I will be sharing with you all, the experience which I got by attending the Live Demo on — Industry use-case on Automation using Ansible . This was entirely a practical implementation by two RedHat experts — Sreejith Anujan and Arun Eapen…

Some key TAKE AWAY from the live demo:-

  1. DevOps Automation using ansible.
  2. Continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline and integrating with ansible..
  3. OS provisioning on cloud using ansible.
  4. ANSIBLE TOWER description in great detail ….

and many things…

The most important thing which i learned is how actually industry is using ansible.

There was a thought in my mind that whatever we are learning and the way we are implementing the concepts during the training , same happens in real industry??

And the answer i got is a big YES. I felt good to know that whatever i know the world is implementing the things that way only. it gave an inner satisfaction and motivation to learn more and more. While seeing the demo it actually felt how easy it is. I guess it’s all because of the efforts put up by Vimal Daga Sir.

SO, that’s all and it was indeed a great session…