How JavaScript is used in Industries?🤔

Sourabh Mishra
2 min readJun 26, 2021


I have taken the people thoughts from internet.

“We asked about what industry our respondents worked in. The most common answer was “tech” at 45%”.

How use of JavaScript varies by industry. The top industries were:

  • finance: 7%
  • advertising and marketing: 5%
  • education: 5%
  • entertainment: 5%
  • business support and logistics: 4%
  • healthcare: 4%
  • retail: 3%
  • government: 2%
  • manufacturing: 2%

“Manufacturing across the board uses less of everything — only 51% of manufacturing respondents say they use a testing framework, compared to 75% in finance.”

“We also asked developers how they made decisions about choosing frameworks. Big majorities (60–90%) in every industry reported things like support, features, and stability being important, with little variation.”

“Across every industry, solid majorities (more than 90% in every case) expected to use JavaScript more or about the same amount as they had previously in the next 12 months.”

“Firstly, everyone is concerned about the security of the code they write (87–90%) and of the open source code they use (73–79%). Developers who work in tech were the most likely to be concerned, but there wasn’t a lot of variation.”

“However, by far the most popular reason for everyone using private packages was the most obvious: the packages contain private IP. Majorities from 65% in education to 91% in manufacturing reported this as a reason for creating private npm packages.”