Sourabh Mishra
2 min readMar 1, 2021


I firstly would like to thanks REDHAT for such a good session.

I got to know about many things and many new things i discovered from this session.

Key learning from the session were:-

  1. K8s is a mind blowing container management, orchestration and provisioning tool helps in multiple ways while deployment , scaling , monitoring and maintenance of any application.
  2. Containers are mini box consists of computing resources that can be launched within seconds and helps in deployment and testing of any application. Also helps in disaster recovery at the worse times. But the problem is multiple containers management is not easy. For that we use container orchestration tool like K8s, Docker Swarm or OpenShift by RedHat.
  3. Virtual machine is a hypervisor that enables us to do hardware level virtualisation but a container engine enables us to perform software level virtualisation.
  4. OpenShift is used for creation, deployment and management of containered applications, featured by RedHat and had multiple features like Pod Scaling, High availability, CI/CD, IDE Integration, Serverless, Service Mesh, Over the Air Update, Application Topology etc.
  5. Source to Image or S2I is a process upon which OpenShift works that helps a user to directly make changes in its production application by just changing the code on GitHub repositories.
  6. There are clusters of service in RedHat OpenShift, which forms a mesh, and hence known as Service Mesh.
  7. Podman has a daemon-less architecture and it can be used by any user (root or non-root)and we can also use the docker commands.

Overall the session was mind blowing, fantastically superb, got a lot to learn about OpenShift and containers and container management tools.